Gender parity issue at Amazon – Is it that bad?

3 Apr

Amazon has recently been claimed of discriminating women employees in terms of pay. The 2015 compensation review states that women earn $0.1 less than men for every dollar in the same work position at Amazon.

The imbalance

Gender imbalance has recently caused a stir among the employees of Amazon and they have raised their voice against it. The investors of Amazon got worried because of the rebel and have asked Amazon to present a detailed report on this issue. They wanted Amazon to mention their policies on reducing the pay gap between men and women workers at Amazon.

The workforce

Amazon’s global workforce consists of 39% female. One fourth of these women are managers. Amazon claims that they practice equity at all levels.

The investors along with Arjuna Capital and Baldwin Brothers submitted proposal at the shareholder’s meeting asking Amazon to disclose.

The proposal

The proposal they presented shows that a particular group of software developers at Amazon earned $10,000 less salary a year than men with the same designation. But Amazon ruled out their claim stating that the guidelines on which the proposal was based was too vague.

The Securities and Exchange Commission didn’t agree with Amazon and asked them not to withhold the proposal. Instead, it urged Amazon to act according to the proposal. Now, all we can do is wait and see how Amazon approaches and solves this problem.

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